Sunday, December 2, 2007

Michigan's Next Head Coach Shall Be Ron English.

My chin is ITCHY!

This is just an educated guess at what will transpire over the next two weeks, but my gut says that Ron English will be Michigan's next head coach. Here's why:

1) He is the only internal candidate which can be respectably considered for the job. DeBord is just NOT an option.
2) Michigan is cheap. The chance to pick up English on a mediocre salary will be appealing.
3) Michigan loves cronyism. The chance to promote one of their own will be appealing.
4) Lloyd Carr was promoted from DC with no head coaching experience.
5) English has proven himself to be able to recruit like crazy, is a motivator, has fire, and can win with good talent.
6) After being the center of controversy and being publicly burned, Michigan will not offer the job to a coach who will turn the job down. They want a low-risk hire this time around.

Any thoughts?


Misha said...

With all due respect, are you nuts?

In response to your points:
2) Michigan is cheap, but willing spend more than Carr's 1.5 million. 2-2.5 million will pull a decent coach from outside.
4) Carr was also DC for almost a decade when he was promoted. And the situation surrounding his promotion was different from the current setup. Carr was thrust into the role and then had time on the job to prove his ability.
6) Michigan isn't THAT proud that they will tuck shun everyone else and take the easiest way out.

I believe in Martin. He will find someone good, from outside the program, who will lead the Wolverines with integrity and also win. But it's not going to be English.

kowisja said...

espn article today says ron was interviewed by arkansas this weekend.


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