Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Impeccable Sources Point Towards DeBord.

Say it ain't so! But it IS!

I have it from an impeccably reliable source that Mike DeBord will be new head coach of the Wolverines. This represents a new low in the program's history and possibly that of major college football as well.

Why, Bill Martin? WHY?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Photo Credit: Mike DeSimone



I go to he University of Minnesota but am from the Ann Arbor area. (Only reason I cam out here is so I could have a diverse experience in order to get into Michigan's law school) anyways.. I am a true blue Michigan man...everyone in my family has went grandfther is a football booster and I have been a season ticket holder since i could crawl....Now that Mich has been snubbed by a few my mind there are two candidates left...1. Ron English...he can recruit and is a damn good coach. Besides an African American at a national powerhouse program...could you imagine the recruits!!! 2. this is someone nobody is talking about. How about Larry Coker. The man ran a clean program at Miami for the number of gangsters he had on his team. They relatively stayed out of trouble and the man can flat out recruit and coach one problem is...he did lose to vote is for English

Hal said...

Larry Coker is an excellent coach but he's too long in the tooth to be considered a long term coach. He should only be considered if Michigan is actually grooming a young winning head coach from maybe a small to eventually take over at the helm. Bill Martin should have been doing that very thing.


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