Saturday, July 19, 2008

Lloyd Carr's All Disciplinary Action Team!

The long jowls of the law.

In the past few weeks, Brian has posted The All-Lloyd Carr Team, and valiantly attempted to do an Anti-Carr team. Keeping with that spirit, Autumn Thunder proudly presents...

The Lloyd Carr All-Disciplinary-Action Team!
Here are the rules: Players were draftedfor the All-Disciplinary-Action Team based on the knuckleheaded things they did while at Michigan. Any transgressions which occurred after graduation/leaving the program for the NFL/getting kicked off the team will not be considered. This is not a comprehensive list, because not all disciplinary action gets picked up by the meda.



QB: Brian Griese
Before Griese quarterbacked Michigan to the 1997 National Championship, he had a little incident at Scorekeepers which culminated in his arrest for the felony of malicious destruction of property.
Disciplinary Action: Indefinite suspension (later reinstated, obv.)

RB: Kelly Baraka
Baraka's career was cut short before he really had a chance to shine after his second arrest for possession of Mary Jane.
Disciplinary Action: Kicked off the team; banished to football obscurity.

WR: Adrian Arrington
Adrian Arrington was mired in a controversy which involved domestic abuse and possible grand-theft auto.
Disciplinary Action: Long suspension; many hours of stadium step running.

WR: Mario Manningham
During his third year at Michigan, Manningham couldn't help smoking the magic plant.
Disciplinary Action: 1 game suspension

TE: Carson Butler
Carson Butler was involved in the Saint Patrick's Day massacre where a student was beaten within inches of his life.
Disciplinary Action: Temporarily kicked off team.

LT: Adam Stenavich
Adam Stenavich got a little cranky at a bar one night and was arrested under charges of disorderly conduct.
Disciplinary Action: Suspension

DT: Larry Harrison
Larry Harrison was arrested after had a little trouble keeping the mouse in the house. EWW!
Disciplinary Action: Kicked off team; banished to football obscurity.

DE: Eugene Germany
Like Manningham, Germany couldn't say no to dope. While it was unclear if this was the straw that broke the camel's back or it was related to another incident, Germany was kicked off the team after this infraction.
Disciplinary Action: Kicked off team; banished to football obscurity.

CB: Johnny Sears
Aside from sucking, Johnny Sears got caught with pot one too many times.
Disciplinary Action: Kicked off team; banished to football obscurity.

CB: Chris Richards
Richards was the third member of the terrible trio who assualted a student on St. Patrick's Day 2007.
Disciplinary Action: Kicked off team; banished to football obscurity.

I'm sure this list is incomplete...please help me fill in the holes!


Sean said...

Good post. Larry Harrison is my favorite out of all those mentioned. Just couldn't keep it in his pants.

For Arrington, if I remember correctly, he wasn't harshly disciplined for the whole domestic abuse thing since he never was guilty (I think he was only benched for a game against NW or something). He was suspended and got to run the Big House every morning I want to say because he liked some Mary Jane of his own. I'd have to look it up, but he was actually off the team for a while, much like Butler before working his way back.

Kojak said...

offence would do greatly

Aram said...

I can't remember specifics of what they did... But it's worth looking into these:

DeWayne Patmon
James Whitley (drugs?)
Marlin Jackson (punched a guy)
William Peterson
Bennie Joppru
Chuck Winters

Tommo's Books said...
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Tommo's Books said...

David Terrell and James Whitley were trying to "break-into" Terrell's ex-girlfriend's apartment. Terrell was not charged with a crime, but Whitley was arrested for carrying a concealed weapon and was dismissed from the football team (he had previously been cited for driving with a suspended license).

Marlin Jackson plead guilty to assault for hitting a guy with a glass bottle.

William Peterson was charged
with stealing money from the purse of a stripper who was performing in a dorm room. He was suspended from the team. The following season, Peterson was involved in a fight at a fraternity house after allegedly trying to steal several items, including a laptop computer and a TV. He was kicked off the team (along with Ray Jackson).

Joppru was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct after getting into a bar fight. He was suspended from the team by Carr.

Winters was suspended for trying to protect his mom in a highly-publicized confrontation during his senior year of college when he hit her abusive ex-husband with a baseball bat.

joseph burrell said...

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