Friday, July 11, 2008

I've Fallen and I Can't Get Up...

Hello AT Readers,

You may wonder where the hell I've been these last two weeks. Unfortunately, my laptop went haywire almost 10 days ago and it is being “repaired” by the Best Buy Geek Squad. I say “repaired” because these idiots wiped my entire hard drive clean while re-installing Windows and removing all the computer gremlins…and they deleted all my programs including my trusty bootlegged copy of Photoshop!

I hope I’ll be back this weekend.




anup414 said...

Yeah i was wondering where the post was about Billy Money being all like.."aiiight aiiight west virginia..ill give yall yo money just so you shut yall mouths for a minute" but he would never give him 2.5 mill without a smartass comment - cmon hes a thug! "i don't kno what yall gonna use that money for anyway..all yall do is crazy inbreed..peace!"


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