Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Will Big Billy Dollaz Make It Rain For RichRod?

Buyout shmuyout, yeeeeeeeeeeeeeah booyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

By now, most of us know that Rich Rodriguez's deposition has been released for our reading pleasure. Will this solve anything? While I have no legal experience, my gut leads me to believe:

1) Neither Rodriguez or WVU is going to budge on their stance in the near future.
2) After much bitterness and lawyer's fees, Rodriguez and WVU will eventually just settle the buyout sometime over the summer and get on with their lives.

Now while the potential settlement will probably be less than $4,000,000, it will most likely still be a hefty chunk of change. The question is: will Bill Martin throw a few bucks Rodriguez's way in order to soften the blow - and should he be obliged to? Is there any negative ramifications for Michigan if Bill Martin tells Rodriguez he's on his own?

Thoughts por favor.


phillip said...

Hooray! The return of Big Billy Dollaz!

More seriously: WVA is really acting like a scorned lover here. There is not much downside for them to continue to fight aside from looking like whiny misers, but thus far, they have somehow avoided too much negative press despite the way they handled RR while at WVA and since he left.

Hoping for a settlement sooner rather than later, but unfortunately not too optimistic about that.

Sgt. Wolverine said...

Big Billy Dollaz needs to star in his own movie.

Ryan said...

totally unrelated but...i find it amusing that this is a photoshop blog and you get the best youtube nomination

joseph burrell said...

hahaha I think that Billy Dollaz worked at some bookmaking companies and that is why he made a lot of money


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