Sunday, May 4, 2008

NCAA 2009 Preview: Recruiting Shenanigans!

The best players come with a price - your morality.

Autumn Thunder is totally stoked to leak the first bit of news regarding the recruiting features in NCAA 2009: the premier of the Recruiting Shenanigans feature. An anonymous source at EA sports has passed me this unofficial (and admittedly low-quality) screen shot, and to say the least, the recruiting season in NCAA 2009 will be much more entertaining than in years past. While in previous editions, players had to go through five mind-numbing weeks of convincing players to sign their letters of intent based on the virtues of academics, campus lifestyle, playing time and the like, gamers now have more options. Do you think you could have convinced a young man like Ryan Perriloux to sign with you because of campus tradition? Noooooooo. Could guys like Chris Henry and Pacman Jones be persuaded to join your team based on your student section? Ha! Good one.

These days, you need to promise some players a little something extra, and EA is finally incorporating this pink elephant into the recruiting area of their games. Easy professers? Drugs? Guns? It's in the game!


Hemlock Philosopher said...

If it wasn't for the academic rating, I'd have guessed that that was tuos.

phillip said...

That has to be a hack or an easter egg or something that has to be unlocked. I have a hard time believing that "boobies!" and "Skanks, sluts & hoes" are "in the game."

But... I don't doubt that some programmers just having a good time would build this in for someone crafty enough to unlock it. Didn't NBA Jam have playboy bunnies you could unlock and play with or something like that?

Either way, using those tacts for recruiting probably can't help with your school's academic rating and discipline issues/suspensions while playing - which could get frustrating in a hurry.

kowisja said...

how is hotness of girls elite but boobies! poor. shenanigans indeed.

Kojak said...

no one should go to this school....poor boobies? how depressing

Clarke said...

This place sucks! Why did you have to steal the name? The real Autumn Thunder has been around for 4 or 5 years at - where we have people who actually know football....not like this chump.

Cowbell Commander said...

Too bad my site pops up first on Google, you chumps! What makes you think I don't know football? You can't infer that simply from the fact that I prefer having a good time with photoshop to writing serious articles in the offseason.

Have fun flaming my posts, you whiny bitter douche bags! I'll have fun intercepting your traffic!


Kojak said...

the cowbell commander strikes again!

phillip said...

... and

... boom goes the dynamite.

Nice work commander. I will consider frequenting your site more often if only to frustrate those other fools.

Ameed said...


"Site down for maintenance/security upgrade. Will return shortly."

what a J.V. organization.

Oh and Phillip, I have a hard time believing you thought this was a serious screen shot. Welcome to the humor mill.

joseph burrell said...

oh that is a nice preview my friend thanks, and Shenanigans are always welcome in the world of bookmaking sports, but they have to have talent


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