Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Hair To The Victors?

You too can look like this for only $30,000!

Yesterday morning, I overheard two ladies at the office discussing male celebrities who had hair plugs. My ears perked up when I heard the name Tom Brady. Tom Brady? Is the most spectacular football player Michigan ever produced "pluggin' it up?"

I did a little bit of investigative Googling when I got home, and found out that Brady had indeed recently been to a hair clinic in NYC. (That hair clinic is right where my old apartment used to be! Ahhhh, the village...good times.) Anyway, the pictures that day show him styling his hair in "the swoop," which is the go-to style of college guys everywhere who are beginning to see their hairlines recede. Can there be any truth to this? You be the judge.

More importantly, does it really matter if he is getting a little artificial help with his 'do? If I had tons of money and the inclination to have the surgery, I'd do it if I saw a need for it. Good for you, Tom Brady. Man - the offseason must really be getting to me if I'm starting to care about crap like this!


joseph burrell said...

haha if I were at a bookmaking sports company right now, I would bet that he paid for some hair implant haha


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