Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Too Much Hype For Terrance Taylor?

Terrance Taylor smaaaaaaaash! Terrance Taylor baaaaaaaaash!

One of the pre-season stories to which we have been subjected most frequently is Terrance Taylor's transformation from cranky fatty to Barwis wunderkind. I'm glad Terrance has bought in to the program, but if he doesn't rip offensive linemen limb from limb this fall on a regular basis, many people may see him as a dissapointment after all the hype over the last few months. On the whole, it is beneficial for college football players to be the subject of pre-season hype, especially before their senior year so they can get some street cred going into the season when NFL scouts will be watching them closer than ever before. But, the higher they are, the farther they can fall.

In 3 short weeks, I hope somebody makes Terrance Taylor angry. Michigan fans will like it when he's angry...


joseph burrell said...

hahaha oh my God that is so hilarious and it is pretty coincidence that I thought about him and Hulk haha, I wish I could be as good as him at my bookmaking job


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