Monday, April 14, 2008

Plight of the Pater-gnomes.

Joe Paterno is an institution in college football - but Penn State's program has been overwhelmingly mediocre during the last decade (save the 2005 season). As most of us know by now, many Nittany Lion fans are clamoring for a regime change. However, Penn State's failure to either a) gracefully remove Paterno from his post b) announce a retirement timeline or c) make a succession plan is going to kill the PSU program. What elite recruit would sign with PSU without knowing what his future will hold? Without a solid recruiting class on a regular basis, any program will flounder. The longer Paterno stays on top with no indication of stepping down, the worse the PSU program will be. This year may mark the beginning of a serious decline in PSU football.



Jim Harbaugh Scramble said...

As long as he continues to lose to UM every year - then he should be granted a lifetime contract.

RCD said...

He will be gone by 2010.

Dex said...

If I was a PSU fan, I would have put ricin in his buttermilk by now.


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